White Girls in the Wild. If you think you might be one, you’re already 12 pumpkin spice lattes and two pairs of UGG boots ahead. If you “literally can’t even” understand why I’d make a classification such as this, two things: 1. You IS one. 2. You better start chugging that PSL…

My wife is going for her Doctorate in White Girl Appreciation. Today, as some filler in her dissertation, my young scholar demonstrated experience and poise while turning your everyday plaid blanket into a freaking scarf. Every true #whitegirlinthewild needs a scarf when the temps hit 55 degrees.

Side note: As I am writing this without her knowing, she states to me (her broke firefighter husband), that she wants her next car to be a Land Rover. If there’s anything after a Doctorate, she’s well on her basic little way.img_3548

2 thoughts on “#WGITW

  1. Hey dude! Great read. Starting a blog was super hard for us as well. We thank always thought- why would anyone want to read what 30 year olds have to say about parenting. Turns out, there’s more than we thought. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to reading more.


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