Christmas Kitty

December 5, 2015… Proof that a kind heart and compassion gets you absolutely nowhere with a feline.img_3547

Here’s a little Christmas cheer to lighten your moods today. Forgive the horrible picture quality, the light was blinding me… So, as I’m heading to work this morning, I pass by an unsaid establishment and spot a stray cat huddled beside a light on the ground trying to stay warm. Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT a cat person AT ALL. For some reason, seeing this guy doing what he had to to stay warm kinda pulled at my heart strings a little bit. Something told me to stop, so I did. I didn’t figure I had much to offer since I can’t take in another animal, but at least petting him may let him know somebody cares. Anyway, I walk over to the little guy slowly and cautiously as not to scare him. The closer I get, I realize he is purring louder than any cat I’ve ever heard! Now I’m smiling and feeling good about myself for making this cat’s day….Here’s where it gets good. Apparently that “loud purr” was more of “go away” growl. As I crossed the 3 foot threshold of no return, this little spawn of Satan exploded from his warm bed with the fury of a thousand tornadoes. His scream and hiss came second to only MY scream as Mufasa Jr let me know who the king of this parking lot jungle was. He used my legs as a climbing toy and figure-eighted in and out like an obstacle course pro. The terror probably only lasted 5 seconds, but it felt like forever. I’m pretty sure I blacked out, because next thing I remember is being back in my truck covered in sweat. Hoping it was all a dream, I looked over and this is what I see. “Christmas Kitty” was back warm and cozy in his bed, probably laughing to himself at the guy who once thought he should feel sorry for him. Well played, Christmas Kitty, well played…

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